The Eight Cats of my Life - Gitte Paracha Thorhauge

The Eight Cats of my Life

The Eight Cats of my Life

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This book is about the ever changing life with cats. It tells the life story of each of the author’s eight cats. And it is filled with anecdotes about being a cat owner. Cats are fun if you can cope with the cat’s natural hunting instinct and all the gross episodes occurring from it. If you get a cat it will become the boss of your life. And you will love it. Soon you will find a purring cat on top of the newspaper, in your bed or on top of your cupboards. Cats know what they want and they get it.

Uddrag af bogen

One day my sister and I had been out jogging. I had already gone back into the house when she frightened shouted from the outside main stairs:

Gitte, Gitte, Gitte, he has caught a magpie!

Kalu rushed past her and into the house. He had the magpie in his mouth. It was a completely beautiful bird, who seemed very surprised to end upside down in a cat’s mouth. I pulled Kalu, with the bird in his mouth, into the kitchen, a little room with a huge window. The door to the kitchen was closed. The window was opened. Now I only had to wait, until Kalu let go of his prey. In the very same moment he let go, I was over him like a hawk and threw him out of the kitchen. After that the rather confused magpie found his way to freedom through the open window.

Om forfatteren

Gitte Paracha Thorhauge has published both novels and lyrics. This book is the first to be translated into English.

Gitte always had cats. She had the first cat when she was ten. Only for ten days though. The cat didn’t fit into a big family in a small flat. But from then on Gitte’s love for cats was aroused.
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Forlaget Mellemgaard
Udgivet: 2019-10-14
ISBN: 9788772186863

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