Chances Part 2

af Jackie Collins
2t 31m Oplæst af Jackie Collins

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Gino Santangelo always knew he could count on his daughter. But when he fled the country to escape prosecution and entrusted her with his hard-won empire, Gino realized that Lucky Santangelo was the female version of him...a woman who could seize the reins of power with all the cunning, drive and strength of a true Santangelo. Poised, sensuous, hungry for pleasure, Lucky as in love with power -- and determined to fight for it. From New York penthouses and the villas of Southern France to the casinos of Las Vegas and the bedrooms of Beverly Hills, here's the unforgettable story of a woman on top of a world of love, sex and wealth -- where power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


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Simon & Schuster Audio
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Jackie Collins

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