An American Life

af Ronald Reagan
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Ronald Reagan is an American success story. From modest beginnings in a small midwestern town to a distinguished career in films and television, he lived the American dream; as governor of California and as the century's most popular president, he embodied and revitalized the American spirit. Now in this dramatic and revealing memoir, Ronald Reagan recounts both his life and his beliefs with uncompromising candor and his familiar wit. He discusses his decision to run for president, historic meetings with Mikhail Gorbachev and other heads of state, his frustrations in dealing with an often hostile congress, his unshakable faith in the American people and the enduring love for Nancy, who will always be his First Lady. In a moving passage, President Reagan also speaks frankly about the assassination attempt on his life and its effects on him and his family. An American Life is a richly detailed, definitive account of a great and historic presidency and of a unique American Life -- from the man who restored America's confidence and strength and shaped the future of the world.


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Anders Millard

Kun udemærket, da den er meget kort. Bagefter er der udvalgte Regan taler. Kedeligt ...

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