Shelter from the Storm

af Ellie Dean
12t 56m Oplæst af Julie Maisey

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Nineteen-year-old April Wilton has just enlisted in the WRENs in Portsmouth, where she works servicing engines on ships. She finds herself immersed in dockyard life and surrounded by soldiers - from England and America. The atmosphere is one of spontaneity and impulsiveness, brought on by the unpredictability of war. So when April meets Daniel, a young American soldier, whose mother is Sioux and father is of African descent, she doesn't hesitate when she starts to fall for him. The attraction is immediate, and coming from strict racial segregation in South Carolina, Daniel finds the freedom he has in England overwhelming. Daniel and April endeavour to spend as much time together as possible - every moment is precious with the threat of Daniel being sent to fight overseas looming over them. But with war and race both involved, their relationship was never going to be simple . . .


Antal bedømmelser: 13
Lone Fliedner Ernst


Stella Andersen

Fængslende roman om livet i Storbritannien under 2. Verdenskrig .

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Random House
Oplæst af
Julie Maisey

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