In the Shadow of Sadd

af Sara Blædel, Steen Langstrup, Gretelise Holm, Lars Kjædegaard

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The Scandinavian crime novel meets Grand Theft Auto in this dark and humorous gangster tale. Co-written by four of the best Danish crime writers in the business, In the Shadow of Sadd takes you on a bumpy ride through the grimy side streets of a gloomy city somewhere in Europe. The city could be anywhere in Europe. Sadd could be any mob boss. There is a lot of shady business going on around him, and he has a hand in most of it. This scam, however, he must never know of. This is the story about a dead body in the back of an old Chevy van, oceans of dirty money, the mentally unstable wife of a rich attorney, and a lot of striped aquarium fish. In the Shadow of Sadd is co-written by Sara Blaedel, Gretelise Holm, Lars Kjaedegaard and Steen Langstrup. Plot, idea and characters are by Steen Langstrup. In the Shadow of Sadd received a diploma from the Danish Crime Writers Association. “Quality label Danish pulp fiction.” Politiken (Danish daily newspaper) “Satisfies the educated critic as well as the thrill-hungry crime reader.” Jyllands-Posten (Danish daily newspaper) “The four authors suit each other, each story compliments the others, and there are a few good surprises along the way.” Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish daily newspaper) “Keen, surprising, and chillingly well-written.” Alt for damerne (Danish magazine)


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