Double Down

af Gabra Zackman
4-5 t 176 trykte sider

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It’s Spy vs. Spy as a sassy Ocean’s Eleven -style team of undercover operatives finds love and mayhem in the third Bod Squad adventure—part mystery, part romance, and totally, hilariously hot. Who would fall for an assassin…except another assassin? After a security breach is written in the sky—literally—the Bod Squad jumps back into action. An important member of the team has been assassinated by the mob, and the squad’s public enemy #1, Baba Samka, is getting too close. Could his deadly work be an inside job? Only trained assassins Tyka and Mahmoud have the very particular set of skills the Bod Squad needs to solve this case. Neither of these dead sexy shooters is looking for a partner—but before they know it, the sparks are flying faster than bullets. Could true love be in their sights?


Antal bedømmelser: 2
Don Ingham

En god historie, men mange personer at hold styr på, og lidt for uvirkelig ind imellem.

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