The Midwife of Hope River

af Patricia Harman
3t 46m Oplæst af Anne Wittman

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Midwife Patience Murphy has a gift: a talent for escorting mothers through the challenges of bringing children into the world. Working in the hardscrabble conditions of Appalachia during the Depression, Patience takes the jobs that no one else wants, helping those most in need—and least likely to pay. She knows a successful midwifery practice must be built on a foundation of openness and trust—but the secrets Patience is keeping are far too intimate and fragile for her to ever let anyone in. Honest, moving, and beautifully detailed, Patricia Harman's The Midwife of Hope River rings with authenticity as Patience faces nearly insurmountable difficulties. From the dangerous mines of West Virginia to the terrifying attentions of the Ku Klux Klan, Patience must strive to bring new light and life into an otherwise hard world.


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Hanne Corneliussen

Super god oplæser en hyggelig bog

Maria Høgh Winther

dejlig bog. og god oplæser

Ann-Kathrine Pedersen

Dejlig bog og fantastisk oplæsning!

Kirsten Hansen

God, hyggelig historie.

Victoria Hollinsworth

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