Because of Miss Bridgerton

af Julia Quinn
9t 26m Oplæst af Rosalyn Landor

Forlagets beskrivelse

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places... This is not one of those times. Everyone expects Billie Bridgerton to marry one of the Rokesby brothers. The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and as a child the tomboyish Billie ran wild with Edward and Andrew. Either one would make a perfect husband... someday. Sometimes you fall in love with exactly the person you think you should... Or not. There is only one Rokesby Billie absolutely cannot tolerate, and that is George. He may be the eldest and heir to the earldom, but he's arrogant, annoying, and she's absolutely certain he detests her. Which is perfectly convenient, as she can't stand the sight of him, either. But sometimes fate has a wicked sense of humor... Because when Billie and George are quite literally thrown together, a whole new sort of sparks begins to fly. And when these lifelong adversaries finally kiss, they just might discover that the one person they can't abide is the one person they can't live without...


Antal bedømmelser: 12
Signe Leander

sød og underholdende bog

Inge Olesen

for sød og romantisk til mig. men en fin oplæser.

Cecilie Petersen

Oplæseren laver stemmer til de to hovedpersoner, der for mig virkede meget, meget forstyrrende og gjorde at jeg opgav at høre bogen færdig på tods af, at jeg egentlig godt kunne lide historien.

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Rosalyn Landor

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