The Sleep Revolution

af Arianna Huffington
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In her New York Times bestseller Thrive , Arianna Huffington introduced her readers to the importance of sleep in terms of redefining success, through wisdom, wonder, well-being and giving. But the topic seemed to touch such a powerful chord, and seemed to resonate so universally in today’s 24/7 fast-paced, always-connected world, that Arianna realized a full book on the critical importance of sleep to our health and lives, and on the long term danger of sleep deprivation on performance and happiness, was needed. In her new book, Arianna reveals all the ways that our inability to get enough sleep impacts our lives, undermines our decision making, compromises our health, our athletic performance, our work lives, our relationships and even our sex lives, and causes us to lose control over of how we interact with others and engage with the world. She discusses the latest science on sleep, explores the importance of dreaming, tackles how technology changes our sleep cycles, and explores ways to get better and more restorative sleep. Later in the book, she looks at sleep aides, and the role of the sleep industry in compromising our efforts to get a full night’s sleep. She goes on to offer specific tips and strategies to take control of our sleep lives, and learn to make the power of sleep work for us in rejuvenating our brain cells, in regulating our weight, improving our concentration and strengthening our memory skills.


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