The Stopped Heart

af Julie Myerson
14t 56m Oplæst af Elizabeth Knowelden, Lucinda Clare

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Internationally bestselling author Julie Myerson’s beautifully written, yet deeply chilling, novel of psychological suspense explores the tragedies—past and present—haunting a picturesque country cottage. Mary Coles and her husband, Graham, have just moved to a cottage on the edge of a small village. The house hasn’t been lived in for years, but they are drawn to its original features and surprisingly large garden, which stretches down into a beautiful apple orchard. It’s idyllic, remote, picturesque: exactly what they need to put the horror of the past behind them. One hundred and fifty years earlier, a huge oak tree was felled in front of the cottage during a raging storm. Beneath it lies a young man with a shock of red hair, presumed dead—surely no one could survive such an accident. But the red-haired man is alive, and after a brief convalescence is taken in by the family living in the cottage and put to work in the fields. The children all love him, but the eldest daughter, Eliza, has her reservations. There’s something about the red-haired man that sits ill with her. A presence. An evil. Back in the present, weeks after moving to the cottage and still drowning beneath the weight of insurmountable grief, Mary Coles starts to sense there’s something in the house. Children’s whispers, footsteps from above, half-caught glimpses of figures in the garden. A young man with a shock of red hair wandering through the orchard. Has Mary’s grief turned to madness? Or have the events that took place so long ago finally come back to haunt her…?


Antal bedømmelser: 5
This Kiwi

The underlying story was interesting & I stayed with it to the very end because I really wanted to know what happened, but it was painful getting there.

Helena Sif Ericson

Just an ok story. Well read but really drawn out and seems almost endless at times. When the storyline finally seems to get going the pace comes to an almost screeching halt and so the flow of the story is a start/stop feel. Would have made for a better read if it was half the length and that could have been achieved by just removing 90% of the use of the name Eliza.

Kirsten Himmelstrup

Den blev for mærkelig for mig..

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Oplæst af
Elizabeth Knowelden, Lucinda Clare

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