To the Ends of the Earth

af Elizabeth Lowell
11t 42m Oplæst af Rosemary Benson

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New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell delivers an unforgettable tale of love and adventure set on the high seas . . . Photographer Cat Cochran has been to exotic places most people only dream about. Yet all she wants is to get her life in order. One last assignment and she can put her past behind her, forgetting about her heart's disastrous misadventures. But first she must photograph the mysterious ship designer T.H. Danvers. Travis Danvers is dangerous—a millionaire with an athlete's body, an enigmatic charmer capable of breaking down Cat's well-constructed defenses with a buccaneer's arrogance and flourish. She knows she must resist him, for experience has taught her that pain is the eventual price of the pleasure to be found in the arms of such a man. But on the high seas, it's easy for Cat to throw caution to the wind and heed the whispers of sensual sirens telling her to abandon all caution— and surrender to a passion only Travis can offer.


Antal bedømmelser: 16
Charlotte Holdt Toftvang

Utrolig god historie

Anie Frøling Pedersen


Pernille Bøgelund

Ud af næsten 3000 timers lydbog, er det her den mest rørende og dybfølte historie!! Jeg er rørt til det inderste og ud over alle grænser...

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Rosemary Benson

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