The Memory Doctor

af Douglas Mason, Spencer Smith
3t 9m Oplæst af Erik Singer

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Are You Becoming Forgetful? The Doctor is In! Do you have trouble finding your keys in the morning or forget what you were looking for altogether? When you meet new people, do you often forget their names—as soon as they leave the room? Don't panic! Just because you can't remember why you picked up this audiobook doesn't mean you're losing your mind—or even your memory. It's more likely that stress and information overload are making it harder for you to get information into your head in the first place. No matter what age we are, the way we remember things is a process: understand and pay more attention to the steps of the process, and your memory will improve. Make an appointment with The Memory Doctor and learn fun, simple ways to sharpen your memory: Get inside your head and see how your memory really works Target specific areas of memory that you can improve Experiment with fun, simple techniques to accomplish your memory-enhancing goals Find out which supplements can help improve memory—and which do nothing at all Learn about exciting new developments in memory research


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