The Ten Roads to Riches

af Ken Fisher
7t 22m Oplæst af Ken Fisher, J.S. Gilbert

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Have you ever wondered how the super-rich built their wealth—and whether you could do it the same way? Surprisingly, the super-wealthy usually get there by taking just one of ten possible roads. And now, so can you! The Ten Roads to Riches teaches you how to build wealth by following the same successful paths others have used. Renowned investment expert and self-made billionaire Ken Fisher tells you how to increase your chances of success. Throughout this audiobook, you'll: Find out the right questions to ask when starting your own business—the richest road of all! Learn what Mark Cuban, Rupert Murdoch, and rapper Jay-Z have in common, and how you can emulate them. And much more! The Ten Roads to Riches can show you how to gain and, more importantly, maintain the wealth you want.


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Ken Fisher, J.S. Gilbert

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