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Steve Lohr, a technology reporter for the New York Times , chronicles the rise of Big Data, addressing cutting-edge business strategies and examining the dark side of a data-driven world. Coal, iron ore, and oil were the key productive assets that fueled the Industrial Revolution. Today, Data is the vital raw material of the information economy. The explosive abundance of this digital asset, more than doubling every two years, is creating a new world of opportunity and challenge. Data-ism is about this next phase, in which vast, Internet-scale data sets are used for discovery and prediction in virtually every field. It is a journey across this emerging world with people, illuminating narrative examples, and insights. It shows that, if exploited, this new revolution will change the way decisions are made—relying more on data and analysis, and less on intuition and experience—and transform the nature of leadership and management. Lohr explains how individuals and institutions will need to exploit, protect, and manage their data to stay competitive in the coming years. Filled with rich examples and anecdotes of the various ways in which the rise of Big Data is affecting everyday life it raises provocative questions about policy and practice that have wide implications for all of our lives.


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Christian Rehfeld

good pragmatic discussion

Kelwin Perez

Kim Nielsen

Okay introduction to data :-)

Anne-Sofie Cecilie Elisabeth Binger

Ok bog - mere historiefortælling end praktisk anvendelse

Jan Mikkelsen

Udemærket generelt overblik over Big data and usage

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