A Land More Kind Than Home

af Wiley Cash
8t 57m Oplæst af Mark Bramhall, Nick Sullivan, Lorna Raver

Forlagets beskrivelse

“Bold, daring, graceful, and engrossing.” —Bobbie Ann Mason “This book will knock your socks off….A first novel that sings with talent.” —Clyde Edgerton In his phenomenal debut novel—a mesmerizing literary thriller about the bond between two brothers and the evil they face in a small North Carolina town—author Wiley Cash displays a remarkable talent for lyrical, powerfully emotional storytelling. A Land More Kind than Home is a modern masterwork of Southern fiction, reminiscent of the writings of John Hart ( Down River ), Tom Franklin ( Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter ), Ron Rash ( Serena ), and Pete Dexter ( Paris Trout )—one that is likely to be held in the same enduring esteem as such American classics as To Kill a Mockingbird , Of Mice and Men , and A Separate Peace . A brilliant evocation of a place, a heart-rending family story, a gripping and suspenseful mystery—with A Land More Kind than Home , a major American novelist enthusiastically announces his arrival.


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Oplæst af
Mark Bramhall, Nick Sullivan, Lorna Raver

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Thriller / Spænding