The Dance of Connection

af Harriet Lerner
4t 39m Oplæst af Harriet Lerner

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In this profound new audio, the bestselling author of The Dance of Anger teaches us how to find our voice with the people who matter the most. With wit and wisdom, Harriet Lerner shows us how to set things right and heal the most painful disconnections, tackling the most difficult problems we face with the people who hurt us. Whether you're dealing with a partner, a parent or best friend, Lerner shows us how to speak with honor and personal integrity even when the other person behaves badly. This is a heartfelt audio full of useful anecdotes and wisdom that will change the way you feel about yourself and dramatically enhance all of your important relationships. Our capacity for creativity, wisdom, and joy depends on connecting well with the key people in our lives. Lerner teaches us how to navigate our most difficult relationships with integrity, courage, and joyous conviction.


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