Full Exposure

af Susie Bright
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Hailed by Utne Reader as a visionary and the San Francisco Chronicle as the X-rated intellectual, Susie Bright is indisputably the sexpert of our times. Now, in a frank and intimate look at our own erotic experience, she delves into the most personal aspects of sex and shows us how our sexual passion can be a source of creativity and inspiration.Bright explores some of the most complex questions about sexuality today, including: How can we come clean about our true desire? What are the real differences between men's and women's sense of the erotic? Why is it so threatening to consciously address sexual desire in the first place? How can articulate erotic expression make us better lovers and, more important, better people? Bright concludes with an erotic manifesto that is a call for everyone to reclaim sexuality, cast off sexual shame and overcome repression.


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