Pulling Your Own Strings

af Wayne W Dyer
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Going beyond his world-famous book Your Erroneous Zones, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals his dynamic techniques for dealing with other people and living your life as you choose. Pulling Your Own Strings is Dr. Dyer's direct and practical audio adaptation of his classic bestseller. You are also responsible for how much you will be controlled by others. Now, Dr. Wayne Dyer provides his practical, step-by-step plan for developing new attitudes toward the most common sources of victimization and manipulation, including family, work, and, ultimately, yourself. Life, Dr. Dyer says, is a beautiful thing as long as you hold the strings. Pulling Your Own Strings will give you the strategies and tools to master your own fate. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is one of the most widely read authors today in the field of self-development. His phenomenally successful book Your Erroneous Zones (also available from Harper Audio) has sold over six million copies. He has a doctorate in counseling psychology from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan and maintains a full schedule of teaching, lectures, and appearances on national television and radio.


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