Meditation Made Easy

af Lorin Roche
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“I prefer it to any other guide, including the one I wrote.” - James Fadiman, Ph.D., author of Personality and Personal Growth Meditation: It's Easier than you think. You've probably heard about the benefits of meditation: Sharper thinking, reduced stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, even increased sexual pleasure. So what's holding you back? Perhaps you don't see yourself signing up with a guru. Or twisting yourself into a lotus position while repeating a mantra. Or spending hours trying to let go of desire and empty your mind. But what if meditating were as easy and pleasurable as eating a dish of ice cream? In this uniquely accessible guide, Lorin Roche proves that meditation is that easy'and even more enjoyable. Discover how to: •Get started with mini-meditations that can be integrated into spare moments throughout the day. •Overcome meditation obstacles such as boredom, distractions, racing thoughts, and the pressure to “do it right.” •Develop a customized practice that will become as natural and vital to you as breathing. Read on one cassette by the author.


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