Anansi Boys

af Neil Gaiman
10t 3m Oplæst af Lenny Henry

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God is dead. Meet the kids. When Fat Charlie's dad named something, it stuck. Like calling Fat Charlie Fat Charlie. Even now, twenty years later, Charlie Nancy can't shake that name, one of the many embarrassing gifts his father bestowed -- before he dropped dead on a karaoke stage and ruined Fat Charlie's life. Mr. Nancy left Fat Charlie things. Things like the tall, good-looking stranger who appears on Charlie's doorstep, who appears to be the brother he never knew. A brother as different from Charlie as night is from day, a brother who's going to show Charlie how to lighten up and have a little fun ... just like Dear Old Dad. And all of a sudden, life starts getting very interesting for Fat Charlie. Because, you see, Charlie's dad wasn't just any dad. He was Anansi, a trickster god, the spider-god. Anansi is the spirit of rebellion, able to overturn the social order, create wealth out of thin air, and baffle the devil. Some said he could cheat even Death himself. Returning to the territory he so brilliantly explored in his masterful New York Times bestseller American Gods , the incomparable Neil Gaiman offers up a work of dazzling ingenuity, a kaleidoscopic journey deep into myth that is at once startling, terrifying, exhilarating, and fiercely funny -- a true wonder of a novel that confirms Stephen King's glowing assessment of the author as a treasure house of story, and we are lucky to have him. Performed by Lenny Henry


Antal bedømmelser: 48
Nicoline Lokdam

A good story, made truly great by Lenny Henry. A real treat.

Kirsteen Bulman

Fantastisk! Lenny Henry er helt urtolig god som oplæser!!

Karin Steen Olausen

Fantastiske fortællinger ham Gaiman kan væve!

Dennis Skau Taguchi

Tror det er 4. gang jeg hører den, jeg er virkelig glad for denne historie.

Lotte Larsen-Ledet


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Lenny Henry

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