The Reluctant Suitor

af Kathleen E Woodiwiss
6t 26m Oplæst af Lynn Redgrave

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Lady Adriana Sutton has long adored Colton Wyndham, to whom she has been promised by an agreement of courtship and betrothal since childhood. As a young girl, she was wounded by Colton's stubborn refusal to comply with his father's wishes and by his angry departure for a life of adventure and danger in the British army. No longer the plain tomboy Colton had spurned, Lady Adriana has blossomed into a much desired beauty. Yet the only man she desires is the decorated hero who has finally come home to his rightful title. Arrogant and seductive as ever, he remains averse to the idea of their betrothal, in spite of his growing desire for her. Forced into a courtship with this spirited woman, Colton's heroic heart is moved by her charm, grace and sensuality. But a secret from his past may doom their burgeoning love ... even as the treacherous schemes of a sinister rival threaten to steal the remarkable lady from his arms forever. Performed by Lynn Redgrave.


Antal bedømmelser: 8
Lizzie Fruergaard


Katherine Divine Hills

dårligt og simplehen forfærdeligt hele vejen igennem og oplæserne var i samme kategori. kunne jeg give bogen minus hjerter havde den fåer dem allesamne,at give den 1 er 1 for meget..

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Lynn Redgrave

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