This Heart of Mine

af Susan Elizabeth Phillips
11t 26m Oplæst af Jennifer Van Dyck

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Molly Somerville knows she has a reputation for trouble. She did give away her fifteen million dollar inheritance, but, hey, nobody's perfect. Yes, Molly's happy about almost everything...except her long term crush on the daredevil quarterback for the Chicago Stars, that awful, gorgeous Kevin Tucker...a man who can't even remember her name! One night Molly's penchant for running into trouble runs her right into Kevin himself, turning her world upside down. Heartbreak follows, and just when she's certain things can't get worse, Kevin forces his way back into her life. She and Kevin battle their attraction while trying to cope with an aging, sexpot actress and a pair of teenage newlyweds. Their careers and lives are in crisis...yet they can't seem to stay away from each other. Sometimes falling in love hurts, sometimes it makes you mad as hell, and sometimes...if you're very can heal in a most special and unexpected way.


Antal bedømmelser: 8
B Kaas

Det eneste, der holder den fra topkarakter, er de mange kaninindslag

judy glemø

Super god bog 🌞 med en god oplæser

Julie Mikkelsen

Er vild med denne forfatter ❤

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Jennifer Van Dyck

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