Parlor Games

af Jess Michaels, Leda Swann
7t 40m Oplæst af Erica Bell, Kate McIntyre, Jennifer Jones

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Do you dare open the door and enter a place like no other? In these three historical tales of sensual awakening, nothing that stimulates and titillates is taboo, ecstasy comes in many sizes, and pleasure is its own reward . . . a world of seduction and sensation, where inhibitions are unlaced and desires long corseted are gloriously freed. . . . Fallen Angel Jess Michaels London's greatest beauty and most notorious madam employs the services of a disgraced Bow Street Runner to keep her safe from a stalker . . . and satisfied after dark. Parlor Games Leda Swann An innocent virgin enters a brothel to escape starvation and receives expert tutelage in the steamy Victorian parlor games that rakish gentlemen indulge in. . . . Border Lord Julia Templeton Fleeing an unfaithful fiancé, a nubile young lovely finds herself the prisoner of a lustful Scottish laird and must bow to his every erotic whim. . . .


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Lizzie Fruergaard

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Linda Lind Larsen

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Oplæst af
Erica Bell, Kate McIntyre, Jennifer Jones

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