Deep Sky

af Patrick Lee
9t 28m Oplæst af Jeff Gurner

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The anomaly called the Breach is the government’s most carefully guarded secret. But there is another secret even less known . . . and far more terrifying. As the U.S. President addresses the nation fromthe Oval Office, a missile screams toward the White House. In a lightning flash, the Chief Executive is dead, his mansion in ruins, and two cryptic words are the only clue to the assassins’ motives: “See Scalar.” Now Travis Chase of the covert agency Tangent—caretakers of the Breach and all its grim wonders—along with partner and lover Paige Campbell and technology expert Bethany Stewart, have only twenty-four hours to unearth a decades-old mystery once spoken of in terrified whispers by the long since silenced. But their breakneck race cross-country—and back through time and malleable memory—is calling the total destructive might of a shadow government down upon them. For Travis Chase has a dark destiny he cannot be allowed to fulfill . . .


Antal bedømmelser: 25
Daniel Jimenez Ruiz

Lige så fantastisk som de 2 første.

Morten Lønvig

Fantastisk serie. Storslået og filosofisk plot

Per Henning Hansen

Rigtig spændende og actionfyldt afslutning på trillogien! Som Jack Reacher med et scifi element.

christian fischer


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Jeff Gurner

Thriller / Spænding