The Feminine Mistake

af Leslie Bennetts
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Women are constantly being told that it's simply too difficult to balance work and family, so if they don't really have to work, it's better for their families if they stay home. Not only is this untrue, Leslie Bennetts says, but the arguments in favor of stay-at-home motherhood fail to consider the surprising benefits of work and the unexpected toll of giving it up. It's time, she says, to get the message across—combining work and family really is the best choice for most women, and it's eminently doable. Bennetts raised two children while earning a living, and understands the challenges and the rewards firsthand. She and millions of other working women provide ample proof that there are many different ways to have kids, maintain a challenging career, and have a richly rewarding life as a result. When women sacrifice their financial autonomy by quitting their jobs, they become vulnerable to divorce as well as the potential illness, death, or unemployment of their breadwinner husbands. The truth is that when women gamble on dependency, most eventually end up on the wrong side of the odds. Not since Betty Friedan has anyone offered such an eye-opening and persuasive argument for why women can—and should—embrace the joyously complex lives they deserve.


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Karen Voigt

Strongly biased collection of observations on the differences between stay at home moms and working moms. At times it was driving me up the wall but I really hoped it would come through with a more objective message or at least a diplomatic one. It didn't. Message is fine: don't depend financially on one partner. However, building the case for this message was a complete mess.

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Leslie Bennetts

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