Sweet Memories of You

af Ellie Dean
9t 30m Oplæst af Annie Aldington

Forlagets beskrivelse

‘I’m not working on a factory floor or digging for victory, but in my own small way I do what I can for those I love.’ It’s 1943 and Peggy Reilly is at her best when the troubles of war come knocking at the door of Beach View Boarding House – especially when it concerns her younger sister, Doreen. Doreen is divorced from Eddie, but his letters have taken on a more threatening tone of late. When Doreen barely survives a traumatic disaster whilst on leave in London, she returns home to Peggy and Cliffehaven in the hope that the love and comfort she will find there can help her recover. However, Eddie continues to be an unsettling reminder of her past - and Doreen’s life is about to change dramatically.


Antal bedømmelser: 1
Stella Andersen

En bog, som oplyser os om kvindernes svære vilkår i Storbritannien under 2. Verdenskrig, hvor befolkningen led store afsavn for at vinde krigen mod tyskerne.

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Random House
Oplæst af
Annie Aldington

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