By Reason of Insanity

af Shane Stevens
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Stevens takes readers on a harrowing descent into the mind of a mass murderer in this eerily realistic serial-killer novel. At the center of this gripping epic novel of mass murder, pursuit, and psychological terror is Thomas Bishop, a psychotic young killer who believes he is the son of Caryl Chessman, who was executed for rape in California amid intense controversy. Subjected to unmerciful physical and mental torture from an early age, Bishop kills his mother at the age of ten and is placed in an institution for the criminally insane. He grows to manhood knowing the outside world only through a television screen. At twenty-five, he succeeds in a brilliant escape and change of identity and begins to move across the country, murdering women in particularly gruesome ways. Pursued by reporters, police, and the mob, Bishop manages to elude them all, and the search for him becomes the greatest manhunt in US history.The chilling denouement will hold readers spellbound until the shattering, unforgettable conclusion.


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Berit Lassen

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Niels Larsen

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