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Life is suddenly looking up for William Wooding. Thirty-five, overweight, sedately employed and unhappily married, he is given the chance to escape to a new life in South America. There he runs the English Bookshop and discovers a different kind of existence: anarchic staff, a beautiful prostitute called Theresa, intrigue at Maria's Tango Club (the local house of pleasure) and a country heading for a bloody coup. Wooding discovers that the country's young president is an old school friend and as a consequence finds himself recruited by the mysterious Mr Box of British Intelligence to investigate what is going on… Tangois a hugely enjoyable mixture of sexual escapades, revolutionary politics, and intelligence-gathering in exotic landscapes. It confirms Alan Judd as the contemporary successor to Evelyn Waugh. 'Very entertaining…it makes you want to turn the pages. No mean achievement' Sunday Telegraph 'Well-constructed, witty and at times moving' Independent 'An enjoyable book which made me laugh out loud… Alan Judd has a real gift for satire' NewStatesman 'The breezy satirical blend of carnival and cruelty is never less than nicely judged' Observer


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