The Noonday Devil

af Alan Judd
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Robert Stevens and Tim Albright are in their final term at Oxford. Their exams are looming larger and larger on the horizon. But more important to both of them is the production of the fierce Jacobean tragedy, 'The Changeling', which Robert is directing. Along with them, we follow the fortunes of Gina, the seductive and enigmatic leading lady in the play; Chetwynd, the bizarre older student who travels around with a revolver; and Anne, the gentle wife of Robert's tutor. Spiced with humour and anarchy, 'The Noonday Devil' is a masterly work of fiction whose underlying theme, the deadly trap of sloth, leads to an unexpected and almost unbearable climax. 'A gently philosophical, violently human commentary… a story that holds its ironical secrets to the bitter end' Mail on Sunday 'Mr Judd has imparted a wholly original flavour… The novel is so well made, so vibrant with life, that it is a pleasure to read' Scotsman


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Simon & Schuster UK

Thriller / Spænding