Starcraft: War Stories

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As the Swarm boils in chaotic uncertainty, Arcturus Mengsk has seized this opportunity to bolster his Dominion forces. He has gathered a seasoned team of scientists—the best terran minds in the Koprulu sector—to unravel the secrets of the savage zerg and the enigmatic protoss. Because in this brutal corner of the galaxy, the human race is going to need every chance it can get. Collected here for the first time is Blizzard Entertainment’s revolutionary Project Blackstone transmedia campaign. It is a compilation of tightly woven short stories, journals, emails, chats, and tweets from the research staff of a top-secret government facility dedicated to shedding light on the mysteries of this sector. More than a simple anthology, this volume is a target-rich environment of weapons data, exotic alien science, and faceted backstory—the lore foundations of the StarCraft universe. © 2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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Nicklas Jonassen Hengl

den var vildt god især fordi jeg kender til spillene så jeg havde allerede lidt af et ind blik på hvordan tingene ser ud

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