Seducing Lauren

af Kristen Proby
6-8 t 352 trykte sider

Forlagets beskrivelse

In the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from th New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle series, life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off the papers—and sign on to love. Now that his best friend, Josh, has happily settled down with his true love on a Montana ranch, small-town lawyer Ty Sullivan starts thinking that maybe single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And when Lauren Cunningham’s no-good ex-husband comes after her for an unexpected trust fund, Ty steps in to protect her. But soon he can’t help but think of her as more than a client. Lauren’s in no mood to jump into another relationship, so how can Ty convince her that her mistake wasn’t getting married, but marrying the wrong guy?


Antal bedømmelser: 100
Helle Johannessen

love it ❤️

Mette Nielsen


Sofie Skov

Rigtig sød og skøn!

Karin Johannesen

Såååå god

Heidi Jensen

Det er sådan en fin historie

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