The War in the West - A New History

af James Holland
26t 42m Oplæst af Leighton Pugh

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Are you ready for the truth about World War Two? In the first of an extraordinary three-volume account of the war on land, in the air and at sea, James Holland reveals not only the truth behind the familiar legends of the Second World War but he also unveils those lesser known events which were to have the greatest significance. The first book to consider the economic, political and social as well as the military aspects of World War Two, this is a unique retelling of a monumental event in all its terrible and majestic glory. Holland has spent over twelve years unearthing new research, visiting archives, battlefields and the very people who fought and lived through the conflict. He has, in his own accessible and inimitable style, written an account to redefine our understanding of the war. It is unlike anything else on the subject.


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Ronni Pedersen

en ting der altid irriterer mig med historie bøger er at, der altid mangler årstal når de hopper frem og tilbage i tid og sted. jeg har svært ved at bruge d. 3/1 til noget når jeg ikke ved hvad år det sker i.

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Leighton Pugh

2. verdenskrig
Europæisk historie
Anden Verdenskrig, 1939-1945
20. århundredes historie: ca. 1900 til ca. 2000
20. århundrede
Vestlige Kontinentale Europa