The King's Spy

af Andrew Swanston
11t 29m Oplæst af David Thorpe

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Summer, 1643 England is at war with itself. King Charles I has fled London, his negotiations with Parliament in tatters. The country is consumed by bloodshed. For Thomas Hill , a man of letters quietly running a bookshop in the rural town of Romsey, knowledge of the war is limited to the rumours that reach the local inn. When a stranger knocks on his door one night and informs him that the king's cryptographer has died , everything changes. Aware of Thomas's background as a mathematician and his expertise in codes and ciphers , the king has summoned him to his court in Oxford . On arrival, Thomas soon discovers that nothing at court is straightforward. There is evidence of a traitor in their midst. Brutal murder follows brutal murder. And when a vital message encrypted with a notoriously unbreakable code is intercepted, he must decipher it to reveal the king's betrayer and prevent the violent death that failure will surely bring.


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Ragnhild Mortensen

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David Thorpe

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