The Nun's Tale

af Candace Robb
11t 8m Oplæst af Stephen R. Thorne

Forlagets beskrivelse

When a young nun dies of a fever in the town of Beverley in the summer of 1365, she is buried quickly for fear of the plague. But one year later a woman appears, talking of relic-trading and miracles. She claims to be the dead nun resurrected. Murder follows swiftly in her wake, and the worried Archbishop of York asks Owen Archer to investigate. Travelling to Leeds and Scarborough to unearth clues, Owen finds only a trail of corpses, until a meeting with Geoffrey Chaucer, spy for King Edward, links the nun with mercenary soldiers and the powerful Percy family. Meanwhile, in York, the apothecary Lucie Wilton has won the mysterious woman's confidence. But the troubled secrets which start to emerge will endanger them all...


Antal bedømmelser: 2
This Kiwi

The story is good, the recording from the original CDs happened starting at number 10 though. It was rather a pain to skip through trying to find the true start, but once I found that there were no more issues.

Anne Steinhart Jessen

bogen begynder med cd 10!!!!????

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Random House
Oplæst af
Stephen R. Thorne

Historisk fiktion
Moderne og samtidsfiktion (efter ca. 1945)
Krimi og mysterier
Fiktion og relaterede emner
ca. 1000 e. kr. til ca. 1500
Nord- og Nordøstengland