Liberation Day

af Andy McNab
12t 16m Oplæst af Paul Thornley

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If Nick Stone wasn't so desperate for his American citizenship, he probably wouldn't have agreed to do this one last job with the CIA. But Carrie is over there and he simply can't refuse the chance of a new life with the woman he loves. The job seems simple enough - and he is certainly skilled enough. Infiltrate the hostile, violent republic of Algeria, kill a money-laundering businessman, and bring back his severed head. Stone knows there are some questions you don't ask, but as events spin out of control he realizes there is vital information he hasn't been told. Lurking beneath the glamorous exterior of the south of France is a dirty drugs war - and Stone is thrown into the middle of it. And there he is faced with his toughest dilemma yet...


Antal bedømmelser: 14
A. Fro

Rigtig god bog men MEGET detaljeret. Sekund efter sekund af en operation. Næste så det bliver kedeligt. De sidste to timer af bogen var der virkelig fart på og aktion. Den del havde jeg helre haft lidt mere af i resten af bogen. Oplæser er rigtig god

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Paul Thornley

Thriller / Spænding