The Good Psychopath's Guide to Success

af Andy McNab, Kevin Dutton
9t 26m Oplæst af Andy McNab, Kevin Dutton

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If you are bored and unfulfilled by dry and overly worthy self-help manuals, then this is the book for you! Read this and take a very different look at yourself! Former SAS hero Andy McNab and eminent psychologist Professor Kevin Dutton are unlikely partners. As Oxford academic and bestselling author of The Wisdom of Psychopaths , Kevin Dutton has plenty of experience of psychopaths, but he’d never met anyone quite like Andy McNab, decorated war hero and special forces warrior. And although they took very different paths on their roads through life, their personal stories are remarkably similar. Together they decided to explore the subject of the psychopathic condition using a unique combination of McNab’s personal experiences of 20 years in the army and Dutton’s ability to analyse them. In their words, McNab pulls the trigger, Dutton explains why the gun goes bang! This book sets out to answer two main questions: What is a GOOD PSYCHOPATH? And how can you use the positive attributes of that psychology to be the ‘best that you can be’ In order to do so, they have created a Psychopath Manifesto, an alternative set of rules for life, which begins by asking ‘what do you really want from life’ and ‘what does success look like to you’? It then offers a candid and penetrating insight into those questions viewed using Dutton’s expertise through the prism of Andy McNab’s wild and various career. It aims to provide an unusual and entertaining roadmap to self-fulfillment whether in your personal life, your business life or your social life.


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Ole Dalsgaard

Klart værd at høre! Der falder et par guldkorn af hvis man ønsker at lære fra en psykopat omkring effektivt og dårlige vaner.

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Levende fortalt

Henrik Hansted Jensen

Charina Viuff

Fed bog, det er ikke sidste gang at jeg lytter til den!

Erik Schmidt

Gode perspektiver som kalder på reflektion, og super at det er forfatterne selv, som har indtalt lydsporet :-)

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Andy McNab, Kevin Dutton

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