Some Lucky Day

af Ellie Dean
13t 42m Oplæst af Julie Maisey

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The gripping new Second World War novel from Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of All My Tomorrows . May 1942. Kitty Pargeter loves the life she’s leading as a talented young pilot, serving her country. But tragedy strikes when she is forced to crash-land and is badly injured. She is taken to a specialist hospital in Cliffehaven, where she must come to terms with the disabling injury that threatens her career. Then comes the shattering news that her beloved brother has been shot down and presumed dead. And she wonders if she’ll able to find the courage and fortitude to carry on. As Kitty slowly recovers – with the help of Peggy Reilly and her family at Beach View boarding house – she is more determined than ever to return to the job she loves, whatever it takes.


Antal bedømmelser: 6
Stella Andersen

Interessant at læse om kvinders indsats i UK under 2. Verdenskrig.

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Random House
Oplæst af
Julie Maisey

Syd- og sydøstlige England
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