Brick by Brick

af Bill Breen, David Robertson
10t 24m Oplæst af Thomas Vincent Kelly

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LEGO is one of the world's best-loved and most familiar brands, adored by generations of children. What is less well known, though, is how close this iconic company came to total collapse in 2003. Brick by Brick is the compelling story of a Danish family-owned company that enjoyed decades of success before its inability to keep in step with a rapidly changing market brought it crashing to earth. It's also the story of an extraordinary recovery. As disaster stared them in the face, the management of LEGO embarked on an audacious and innovative plan to turn their fortunes around, and then painstakingly implemented it. Today, the company is riding high once again, and enjoying results that are the envy of their competitors. Granted unprecedented access to every part of the LEGO Group, the authors of Brick by Brick not only chart each twist in the company's story but explain precisely what went wrong and how it was fixed. Their clear-sighted analysis will prove invaluable to all those who want to understand how companies can not only ride the storm of change, but benefit from it.


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Søren Højland Boesen

Fremragende bog om Legos nedtur i 90'erne også senere års forrygende optur. Et must read for alle innovationsnørder og legebørn med forretnigsinteresse!

Morten Bay Nielsen

A bit too much about LEGOs history, but the part about innovation management was very good.

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