The Long War

af Stephen Baxter, Terry Pratchett
13t 48m Oplæst af Michael Fenton Stevens

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A generation after the events of The Long Earth , mankind has spread across the new worlds opened up by Stepping. Where Joshua and Lobsang once pioneered, now fleets of airships link the stepwise Americas with trade and culture. Mankind is shaping the Long Earth – but in turn the Long Earth is shaping mankind ... A new ‘America’, called Valhalla, is emerging more than a million steps from Datum Earth, with core American values restated in the plentiful environment of the Long Earth – and Valhalla is growing restless under the control of the Datum government... Meanwhile the Long Earth is suffused by the song of the trolls, graceful hive-mind humanoids. But the trolls are beginning to react to humanity’s thoughtless exploitation ... Joshua, now a married man, is summoned by Lobsang to deal with a gathering multiple crisis that threatens to plunge the Long Earth into a war unlike any mankind has waged before.


Antal bedømmelser: 64
Sigurd Rubech Hartmeyer-Dinesen

Morten Lønvig


A bad soundbook reader; over voice acting, some pronounciation errors, and also the story and plot was in general not my taste... It's title indicates war... which is a very thin part of the story.

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Michael Fenton Stevens

Science fiction