Girl 4

af Will Carver
9t 16m Oplæst af Nicki Paull, Richard Aspel

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Detective Inspector January David has always put his professional before his private life, but the two worlds are about to clash horrifically as he visits his latest crime scene. He is confronted by a lifeless figure suspended ten feet above a theatre stage, blood pouring from her face into a coffin below. This gruesome execution is the work of an elusive serial killer. Three women from three different London suburbs, each murdered with elaborate and chilling precision. And as January stares at the most beautiful corpse he's ever seen, he detects the killer's hallmark. But Girl 4 is different: she is alive - barely. And January recognises her...


Antal bedømmelser: 2
Helena Sif Ericson

Extremely irritating narrative where every word is emphasized and irritatingly long pauses between sentences. Every part of the story is read with such urgency that the storyline gets lost in it. Just an ok storyline and not so interesting characters. But there is an unexpected twist that got the book the second heart.

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Random House
Oplæst af
Nicki Paull, Richard Aspel

Thriller / Spænding
Moderne og samtidsfiktion (efter ca. 1945)
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