The Tools

af Phil Stutz, Barry Michels
7t 13m Oplæst af Phil Stutz, Barry Michels

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5 unique Tools ... 3 seconds each to use ... A lifetime of fulfilment Can you imagine what your life would be if you could tap into a new source of power - one that has been inside you all along - to solve your own problems and become the master of your life? The Tools is an extraordinary psychological model based on the proven methods of Hollywood's greatest psychotherapists. Phil Stutz and Barry Michels have over 60 years of psychotherapeutic experience between them. Together they have helped their A-list clients work through whatever has held them back - be it insecurity, trauma, anger, lack of willpower, negativity or avoidance - and achieve their greatest work and find a deep level of fulfilment. Now, at last, the acclaimed clinicians are sharing their methods in this eye-opening and empowering book. Introducing their five simple techniques, namely The Reversal of Desire, Active Love, Inner Authority, The Grateful Flow and Jeopardy, the authors clearly explain what they are and how and when to use them. Astonishingly effective and beautifully simple - once you've learned a tool it takes only three to five seconds to use it - this book will give you everything you need to propel yourself forward to achieve your ambitions and be who you were born to be.


Antal bedømmelser: 22
Enes Avdagić

Great book, great tools, I have to reread it again

Peter Hornbech Kleist Jørgensen

God men man skal havde et åben sin , jeg kan bruge noget i den i min være dag

Amalie Bryde Laursen

noget helt andet end forventet, men inspirerende

Linda Riis Simonsen

Snyd ikke dig selv for den indsigt i dig selv, som bogen bringer.

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