One Night At The Call Centre

af Chetan Bhagat
7t 34m Oplæst af Kulvinder Ghir

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A comedy of romance and crossed lines Six friends are selling home appliances to the US from a call centre in India. Each one has an issue with love. Call agent Sam works right beside the girl who's just dumped him. He's dating someone he can't stand, just to get over her. Esha is just short of becoming a model. Two inches, to be precise. Vroom wants to change the world. Radikha's trying to manage her mother-in-law, and hold down her job. Tonight is Thanksgiving in America, and customers are queueing up to complain about white goods going wrong. On this night of a thousand phone calls, when life couldn't look more dismal, one unique caller gets on the line. And that call is going to change everything ... A romantic comedy of six friends kicking against the system, against their boss, and against each other. Something's got to give ...


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Martin Klokkeholm Grønning

Stigmatiserende, dårlig oplæst og afsindig kedelig.

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Random House
Oplæst af
Kulvinder Ghir

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