Angels in My Hair

af Lorna Byrne
11t 13m Oplæst af Maureen O'Brien

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Angels In My Hair is the autobiography of a modern day mystic, an Irish woman with powers of the saints of old. When she was a child, people thought Lorna was 'retarded' because she did not seem to be focussing on that was around her. Lorna remembers seeing not just the world around her but seeing, equally vividly, angels and spirits. For many years she assumed everyone saw the same. As Lorna tells the story of her life, growing up in a poor family, later working in Dublin, marrying and experiencing family tragedy, the reader meets, as she did, the creatures from the spirit worlds who also inhabit our own - mostly angels of an astonishing beauty and variety, including the prophet Elijah and an Archangel - but also the spirits of people who have died. Today, it is not only the sick and troubled who come to visit Lorna, looking for healing and consolation, but theologians of different faiths and the head of a religious order in Rome travel to see her for guidance and spriritual insight. This remarkable document is the testimony of a woman who sees things at the far end of the spectrum, beyond the range of our everyday experience.


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Meget gribende og fascinerende fortælling om et meget rigt åndeligt liv

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Engle er over alt omkring os. Sig JA til din engel og oplev hvor meget lettere dit liv bliver. En dejlig og personlig historie af Lorna Byrne. Håber på mange flere bøger om engle.

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