George and the Big Bang

af Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking
6t 5m Oplæst af James Goode

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Going back to the beginning of time . . . Discover the final chapter in this out-of-this-world adventure series! One of the biggest science experiments of all time is about to take place - and George and Annie have got front-row seats! Eric, Annie's scientist dad, is heading to the Large Hadron Collider to explore the earliest moments of the Universe - the Big Bang. Armed with his trusty super-computer, Cosmos, nothing can possibly go wrong . . . until George and Annie discover a fiendish plot to destroy the experiment! George is swept into a terrifying adventure - through wormholes, into far-flung galaxies and to the edge of knowledge itself - while he and Annie race to outwit a sinister group who are bent on the destruction of science . . . But will they succeed? This incredible adventure story includes some of the latest scientific theories about time travel and the Big Bang, as well as special essays from some of the leading scientists in the world - including Professor Stephen Hawking himself! An engrossing and thrilling story, written with all the insight you would expect from these authors. Complemented by full colour photos of our galaxy and many pages of scientific facts, this is a really good read.


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Helle Møller

mofibo har en brist. Jeg mangler at man kan læse 1.2.3.del og ikke kun sidste del af en serie. Desværre har dette gentaget sig med mange serier. Jeg overvejer at melde mig ud!Hvordan ser andre på dette problem?

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James Goode

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