The Rosie Effect

af Graeme Simsion
9t 9m Oplæst af Dan O'Grady

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The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of The Rosie Effect, by Graeme Simsion. With the Wife Project complete, Don settles happily into a new job and married life in New York. But it's not long before certain events are taken out of his control and it's time to embark on a new project . . . As Don tries to get to grips with the requirements of starting a family, his unusual research style soon gets him into trouble. To make matters more difficult, Don has invited his closest friend to stay with them, but Gene is not exactly a prime example of marital happiness, and as his life with Rosie continues to be unpredictable Don needs to remember that emotional support is just as important as his practical expertise . . .


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Lizzie Fruergaard

God og underholdende

Laura Funch

Elsker den!!

Hans Iversen


Rune Isholm Saarup

Hyggelig, rørende, sjov. Til tider tå-krummende sjov

Ann-Kathrine Pedersen

Lige så god som den første!!!

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Dan O'Grady

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