Before Jamaica Lane

af Samantha Young
11t 5m Oplæst af Angelica Lee

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Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Samantha Young's Before Jamaica Lane, the latest novel from the bestselling author of On Dublin Street. Read by the actress Angelica Lee. Edinburgh was going to be a fresh start for Olivia Holloway. Crippled by shyness around the opposite sex, Olivia nevertheless meets gorgeous postgraduate Nate Sawyer and decides it is time to push her fears aside. Before long, Olivia and Nate form a close friendship and she finds herself confessing her deepest secrets, and Nate, being her best friend, offers to teach her the art of flirting. As Olivia and Nate's friendship turns intense it soon blossoms into a passionate love affair. For the first time Olivia opens her heart but what she doesn't realise is that Nate has his own fears and just when she finds herself hopelessly falling for him, Nate's past returns to haunt him. Will Nate have the courage to confide in Olivia, or will he cut and run? And can Olivia face up to her own fears and keep him? Before Jamaica Lane charts the love trials of characters introduced in Samantha Young's bestselling prequel, On Dublin Street, and Down London Road. Praise for Samantha Young: 'Scotland's answer to E.L. James' Sunday Post 'This steamy romance is mysterious, all-consuming and pretty damn good' Closer 'This extraordinary debut combines a true gift for storytelling with a liberal dose of racy encounters. But what really sets it apart is exquisite characterisation, so vivid that the cast seeps into the reader's psyche' Daily Record Samantha Young is a 27-year-old Scottish book addict who graduated from the University of Edinburgh. She currently lives in Scotland. Her previous novels, On Dublin Street, Down London Road and the novella, Until Fountain Bridge, are also published by Penguin.


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