Queen's Gambit

af E C Fremantle
14t 24m Oplæst af Georgina Sutton

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The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Elizabeth Fremantle's historical novel Queen's Gambit, read by the actress Georgina Sutton. The court of Henry VIII is rife with intrigue, rivalries and romance - and none are better placed to understand this than the women at its heart. Katherine Parr, widowed for the second time aged thirty-one, is obliged to return to court but, suspicious of the aging king and those who surround him, she does so with reluctance. Nevertheless, when she finds herself caught up in a passionate affair with the dashing and seductive Thomas Seymour, she believes she might finally be able to marry for love. But her presence at court has attracted the attentions of another . . . Captivated by her honesty and intelligence, Henry Tudor has his own plans for Katherine and no one is in the position to refuse a proposal from the king. So with her charismatic lover dispatched to the continent, Katherine must accept the hand of the ailing egotistical monarch and become Henry's sixth wife - and yet she has still not quite given up on love.


Antal bedømmelser: 9
Randi Kristensen

Rigtig fin historie som kommer ind på en side, man måske ikke tænker så neget på. Dog er der slægget på sandheden om hendes del i forholdet mellem Elizabeth og simore

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Penguin Books Ltd
Oplæst af
Georgina Sutton

Historisk fiktion
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Moderne og samtidsfiktion (efter ca. 1945)
London, Greater London
ca. 1500 ca. 1600