af Jussi Adler-Olsen
13t 36m Oplæst af Steven Pacey

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The unabridged, digital audiobook edition of Jussi Adler-Olsen's Mercy, Scandinavia's new bestselling crime phenomenon. Read by the actor Steven Pacey. At first the prisoner scratches at the walls until her fingers bleed. But there is no escaping the room. With no way of measuring time, her days, weeks, months go unrecorded. She vows not to go mad. She will not give her captors the satisfaction. She will die first. *** Copenhagen detective Carl Mørck has been taken off homicide to run a newly created department for unsolved crimes. His first case concerns Merete Lynggaard, who vanished five years ago. Everyone says she's dead. Everyone says it's a waste of time. He thinks they're right. *** The voice in the dark is distorted, harsh and without mercy. It says the prisoner's torture will only end when she answers one simple question. It is one she has asked herself a million times: WHY is this happening?


Antal bedømmelser: 116
Hans-Henrik Simonsen

Karin Juul Viuff

Spændende med måske bedst på dansk🙂

Niels Ole Knakkergaard

very good thriller


Steven Pacy, fantastisk oplæser

Scott Myers

A fantastic thriller set in the heart of Copenhagen. Creepy, disturbing, and keeps you listening to the very end. A perfect Scandinavian thriller.

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Penguin Books Ltd
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Steven Pacey

Krimi og mysterier
Thriller / Spænding