The Mill on the Floss

af George Eliot
7t 42m Oplæst af Irene Sutcliffe

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Penguin Classics presents George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss, adapted for audio and now available as a digital download as part of the Penguin English Library series. Read by the actress Irene Sutcliffe. If life had no love in it, what else was there for Maggie? Tragic and moving, The Mill on the Floss is a novel of grand passions and tormented lives. As the rebellious Maggie's fiery spirit and imaginative nature bring her into bitter conflict with her narrow provincial family, most painfully with her beloved brother Tom, their fates are played out on an epic scale. George Eliot drew on her own frustrated rural upbringing to create one of the great novels of childhood, and one of literature's most unforgettable heroines. Part of a series of vintage recordings taken from the Penguin Archives. Affordable, collectable, quality productions - perfect for on-the-go listening.


Antal bedømmelser: 4
S.R. Riedel Gundlach


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Penguin Books Ltd
Oplæst af
Irene Sutcliffe

Klassisk fiktion (før ca. 1945)