The Climb

af Chris Froome
14t 33m Oplæst af Patrick Doherty

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Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of the revealing, inspirational memoir from the British winner of the Tour de France. The Climb tells the extraordinary story of Chris Froome's journey from a young boy in Kenya, riding through townships and past wild animals, and with few opportunities for an aspiring cyclist, to his unforgettable yellow jersey victory in the 2013 Tour de France. A journey unlike any other in the history of cycling, Froome has crossed continents, overcome the death of his mother and conquered debilitating illness to follow his dreams and represent Team GB and Team Sky. He has experienced soaring triumphs, humbling defeats, a public rivalry with Bradley Wiggins and, most recently, the pressures of Lance Armstrong's legacy. Extraordinary and life-affirming, The Climb is a story of determination, hardship and unimaginable success.


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Vivian Andersen

Hammer go bog. Har ændret mit syn på Chris. 👍💪

Jan Bo Petersen

Really interesting insights in the person behind the yellow jersey! Loved it!

kevin christensen

Er man interesseret i cykelverdenen og hvad det kræver for at være en af verdens bedste, så er bogen de godt 15 timer værd 👍

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